Homoeopathy is an effective and safe system of medicine which uses potentised medicines to effectively treat a wide range of illnesses. It is based on a sound scientific principle known as The Law of Similars which states that a substance which causes symptoms when taken in its crude form will cure those same symptoms in its diluted form.

The prescription of a homoeopathic medicine is detailed and precise and requires a great degree of understanding, compassion and perception.

Homoeopathy is very effective in the treatment of both acute and chronic disease and is safe for people of all ages as well as during pregnancy.

It is highly recommended that you only consult with and be prescribed homoeopathic medicine by a registered and qualified homoeopath.

Homoeopathic Facial Analysis

Analysing a patientís facial features helps a homoeopath to determine a patientís inherited stress response. The stress response is an instinctual and automatic reaction to stress which is designed to protect the person during periods of increased stress and demand.

When a person is experiencing long term stress the survival instinct of that person is said to be switched on. During this time all available energy is directed to survival and not to growth, function and maintenance of normal bodily functions. Eventually the body becomes so depleted that inherently weak organs or systems develop symptoms of chronic disease.

A remedy is prescribed according to the patients facial features in combination with the presenting symptoms as given by the patient. The remedy calms the stress response and replenishes depleted energy levels, allowing the body to heal itself.

Patients typically report a feeling of well being, increased quality of sleep, more energy as well as an alleviation of their presenting symptoms when taking the correctly prescribed homoeopathic remedy.

Homoeopathic facial analysis is based on 13 years of research by Grant Bentley, the principle of the Victorian College of Classical Homoeopathy in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Shelley Cable is the first homoeopath to be using this method of prescribing in South Africa. Her intention is to share this method with all practicing homoeopaths in South Africa and to share the philosophy and uniqueness of each facial features group with her patientís so they may better understand themselves; their stress responses and life experiences. More information can be found at www.soulandsurvival.com. Books on Homoeopathic Facial Analysis are available to purchase from Equinex (Tel: 011 791 3502). Homoeopaths: Online course details available at www.vcch.org

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